Why Should I Follow You on Twitter?

Twitter is an amazing place to promote yourself and your business. If you want to gain exposure and increase your network of friends and followers, Twitter can truly help you if you are willing to play by my rules of engagement!

Rules for keeping my interests and receiving a follow back:

Do not contact me if you are an Egghead!

One of my pet peeves is to have someone ask me to follow them if they are a faceless profile. If you are taking the time to create a profile, which obviously means you expect someone to notice you, then you need to add your photo or your business logo to your profile. I rarely follow anyone without a picture. It is very difficult to feel a connection to an egghead as well as not knowing who you are following!

Why should I follow you if you are not following me back?

Are you a superstar or celebrity?? Even if you are, if you do not follow me,  then you do not remain one of my valued follows! What is the purpose of a one-sided relationship? What value am I gaining from your enjoying the benefits of my tweets and being a part of my twitter follows? Simply put, if you don’t follow me then you get “unfollowed”!

Is your content worthy of my attention?

When you Tweet me, do you spam me with endless hashtags, profanity or “Bierber” post? Is your profile a sea of hashtags and nonsense?  Did you add a description in your profile to let me know if you are worthy of my follow. Show me that you have substance and get my attention with something that will help ME!!  Are you valuable to others around me in my Twittersphere??

Are you only promoting yourself?

If you are in my Twitter stream only posting tweets about yourself and never engaging, then what does this do for me. Do you rt me or your other followers. Are you only promoting YOUR business? Then what does this do for me? Why do I need to follow you? Do you have a core of faithful followers that you support? Are you tweeting and re-tweeting them??

So now that we have spent this time together, I will ask you once more…. Why should I follow you?

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  1. Martina says:

    Good post, Dede

    Sadly, many people don’t understand about the egg-thing when they first start; and there is no one around to tell / teach you. But, most people who have been at Twitter for a while won’t give much credence to people who won’t use a picture, logo or anything else specific.

    The follow-follow back, I mostly agree with. There are a few “heavy hitters” around that i don’t expect to folow me. But for the most part, twitter has been a very amicable give and take. But, I also don’t feel as loyal to those that aren’t really engaging in conversation.

    And the last is my biggest bug. If every single one of your tweets is some type of promotion about you or some project (not “worthy” causes) that you are working on, then it starts to wear thin. And, even if people have not un-followed you, they have stopped listening to you.


    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      So true Martina. I try and mix my self promo with tweeting others. It is really about YOU not me:) IF people got that then they would be able to gain an audience and create their path to success!! You are a very loyal and admirable supporter on Twitter and greatly valued!

  2. Tonia says:

    All great points, though self-promoting tweets are a big pet peeve of mine.

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      Hi Tonia! There is nothing wrong with promoting yourself. That is why we are all here. The key is to get the right formula and hope others will spread the word. Do 10-20% self promotion and the remainder supporting and inspiring others. What do you think?

  3. Thanks Dede for insightful questions
    .I love twitter it suits my personality and besides I am an intuitve & Inspirational.I GO with the flow. Martina has covered must of the reasons very well and I agree. In addition.

    1 The Psychology of twitter is 3 L’S. LOOK LISTEN, LEARN
    2. Build genuine relationships business is not the focus
    3. Human beings are special and should be treated that way. Its a human condition
    4. Promote others its not about ME. People will notice you.
    5.Sometimes eggheads are worth my FOLLOW I read profiles send them a POLITE DM motivational tweet 4 change
    6.I follow back but not spammers you can spot them
    7.Intuitvely my content is worth it. Will be backed up soon with my blog. I hope!

    There is no meduim like twitter where you can explore how to use it that is YOU and can reach an audience that connects with your voice and theirs with yours. You learn a lot about yourself and others and what your capabilities are. For someone like me approaching 60. Life is ageless, possibilites endless. I live the ‘Ageless Career Manifesto’ to the full.

    Thanks & Bless you Dede. Great thought-keep them coming! will be retweeting this

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      I do agree that anything is possible to achieve through utilizing the amazing reach of Twitter. Nowhere else have I felt such genuine support and had so many people reach out to me.

      As turned 50, I felt at first that the best part of my life was over. I now feel that it is just beginning! Thanks for your post and I think you are not only a beautiful lady but also a truly remarkable one!

  4. Michelle Abram says:

    I like this post. I have been on twitter for a short while. So I’m still learning about twitter. This post is what I need to reconsider when I am looking for new followers.


    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      Thanks Michelle! Please stop by often as we will be adding updates! Twitter is my passion and if you need help just let me know!

  5. I think I’m in Twitter jail…. welp…

  6. Ande Lyons says:

    YAY Dedelicious Dede! These tips are evergreen!

    Whether you’re just starting on Twitter or a seasoned pro… all of these terrific tips help us to be thoughtful, engaging Tweeps.



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