What Do You Blog About?

Now that you have decided to create this blog that everyone is telling you is essential to your business, do you have a concept of where to take it? What will be the theme of your blog and what will you name it?

The name is important for several reasons. First, the search engines such as Google in particular will notice the key words in your blog. So, url or web address and the title should reflect your subject matter if you are at all interested in optimizing your site. Optimization is another subject we will cover later. Secondly, it defines your blog and lets your readers in on what you are writing about.

If you are with a free blogging service such as blogger.com or the free version of wordpress.com, you can start immediately with your blog and have it up in a matter of 30 minutes! That is,  you can have a url, a title, header(which is your photo that expands across the top) and a general idea what you are going to talk about. Since you are using their free version, you don’t even have to search and register your web address.

Both of these blogging platforms are excellent and top bloggers use them. I would suggest early on that you start thinking of your own personal url and register it with a hosting company like Godaddy.com or Hostgator.com. Their hosting is very affordable and to buy your url should cost you less than $20.

If you have a network marketing company, depending on what type of company it is will determine what direction to take your blog. For example, if it is a jewelry company, you might want to show various pieces and display them with the newest fashions. Describe the pieces and show similar jewelry that celebrities wear! You could then lead them to the page where they can buy the pieces. Get them excited about it!

Just saying “Here I am and join my team or buy from me” is not always an effective way to blog. In fact it is a terrible and ineffective method. You could however tell about yourself which allows you to build a relationship with your readers and have articles on leadership and networking in your blog to draw people to it…. A How to Blog. That is another approach for this type of company.

The key to a good blog is to have great content and provide a reason for your readers to return. Otherwise, they will never return or appreciate all the work you put into it and leave you wondering why your blog receives no traffic!!  CONTENT IS KING!!

Keep your blog fresh with new articles that give value to the reader, show a passion in your writing and you will be on your way to having a successful blog!!

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