Top 5 Twitter Tools for 2012

I have decided to become more organized in 2012. The more I focus on the tasks I have ahead of me for the day, the more personal time I will have to enjoy my life. Although I get immense pleasure out of Tweeting and engaging, there has to be a balance in life and I feel the following sites will help not only simplify your Social Media time but also help you grow your presence with followers and content on Twitter. Best of all, you can utilize them for FREE!

1. Social Oomph- This is absolutely one of my favorite sites. has made Tweeting not only fun, but gives you a reliable platform for saving, sharing and automating your tweets.

2. Tweetdeck- Many people love Hootsuite and although they are both great sites for Tweeting as well as automating your tweets, I prefer Tweetdeck. I am so surprised that so many people are not utilizing Tweetdeck and your Twitter time can be simplified and more fun with the help of Tweetdeck. You can see all your mentions, direct mentions, new followers etc on one page and not have to be searching around your Twitter account for all of the details. An absolute must!

3. Tweepi- Tweepi is an invaluable site! There are so many incredible FREE features on I recently upgraded to the paid version to check it out, but to be honest, there is very little difference and I may be downgrading to the free version once again.Tweepi allow you to see who is not following you and “flush” out all your twitter squatters! There are some people that you might like to save even though they are now reciprocating. You will probably find though that as you move forward on Twitter, that people that give back will be those you focus on anyway and keeping a healthy ratio is important.

4. Twaitter- This incredible Twitter tool also allows you to auto tweet but is different from Tweepi as you can decide how many times you would like to send the same tweet throughout the week. Twaiiter is very simple to use even for a newbie. The key is to stay in the stream without abusing Twitter with a lot of spam. Staying visible and providing useful content will gain more attention than self promotional links.

5.  Tweetchat- Tweetchat is a way to join up with others for chats on topics that you are interested in as well as for creating and hosting your own chat. Tweetchat allows you to stay focused on the chat and see all of the tweets in one place. It saves time and will allow you to respond to the chat without large delays. Some chats move at lightening speed and you will see that this is the best site for Twitter chats or managing your own online Twitter Community. Many people are stating a 24 hour twitter community to stay in touch with their audience and followers.

What are your top 5 Twitter Tools for 2012?



  1. Love I’ll have to check put the others :)

  2. THANK YOU Dede! I am in Kindergarten as far as social media goes! You have no idea how valuable all of your information is to someone like me that needs it so very much!!!
    I am going to study your words like I am in class!
    Thanks again ,’
    Have a pretty day!

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      Thanks Kristin for your kind words. Let me know if you have any questions. I try to keep it as uncomplicated as possible. See you on Twitter:)

  3. Hootsuite is my favorite-must-have-makes-my-life-easier tool. Simple, integrated, effective, saves me time. I could go on and on about Hootsuite. I use TweetChat for Tweetups… Thank goodness for smart app developers!

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      I really need to get off Tweetdeck and onto Hootsuite. The changes in Tweetdeck are limiting users from important functionality.

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