#Turnitsocial Twitter Chat Thursday- Utilizing Video in Your Social Media Campaign

This Thursday night, September 13 at 8 pm EST, we will be chatting with Chris Yates from Huddle Productions. Chris is a video content creator for brands and has worked with companies such as Anheuser-Busch, Michael Stores and Verizon. He is also is an amazing story teller who uses video to humanize a business and therefore create a dynamic presentation that touches people’s emotions.

Video can be a very compelling way to increase brand awareness. It is one of the most highly shared forms of information through Social Media Channels and should be a part of everyone’s Social Media strategy.

Join our Twitter Chat  #Turnitsocial Thursday at 8 pm EST to find out how to utilize video with your social media business and why you must offer this to your clients to maximize their exposure!

You can reach Chris on Twitter @chrisyates11  as well as Tweet us @turnitsocial !

#Turnitsocial Thursday Night at 8 pm EST- Topic is Social Engagement

turn it social

Last Thursday evening, we hosted our 1st Twitter chat on #Turnitsocial. The turnout was incredible and we thank everyone who joined us!  Very special thanks to our cohost, Randy Thio from Ideabloke.com and Kelly Lieberman from the highly popular Wednesday night Twitter Chat  #Pinchat.

This Thursday night, September 6, at 8 pm EST we will be talking about Social Engagement. Do you feel totally at ease chatting on Twitter and Facebook or are you like many who  feel like no one is listening to them! Are you unsure what to say when you are on a Social Platform?

Engagement is the life blood of Social Media and if you are simply posting information and tweets without active communication, then your time and effort has little value! Let’s chat about what YOU need to gain more mutual engagement as well as what you may be doing that works great for you!

Join us this Thursday night at 8 pm EST for #Turnitsocial !