Wake Up And Pay Attention To Your Brand

Pay attention to your brand

One of the first things I learned about branding is that consistency on your social platforms is as crucial to growing your brand out as is being engaged. I would actually say more so; since if you don’t have a clear message and targeting a defined space, then you are wasting time! It’s great to have social friends and I have been fortunate to make many, but my main end goal via social media is to create new opportunities for my business.

Over the past year, I have been extremely fortunate to grown my business to six figures. I’ve worked 60+hour weeks for the past 7 years and 2 years ago was able to leave my full time job to turn my passion for social media into a full time career as well as hire 2 part time assistants!!

What has happened to my own personal brand is that as a result of a big ramp up in business, I have seriously neglected all the things that I tell my clients they must do to be successful!! It’s very embarrassing when you are telling someone they need to update the look of their brand and work on the SAME details that you do not. How can I be taken seriously if I am not living by what I teach?

As a result, I became almost invisible on my own social media accounts and stopped adding content to my blog. I couldn’t seem to find time to spend even 30 minutes per day. Additionally, there is no consistency in the look of my brand. Imagery is different across all my platforms.

Almost everyone who has a Twitter account or Facebook fan page today has some type of brand; whether it be a product, business or personal brand. That means they are looking for opportunities and want to be effective with their marketing on Social Media.

3 things  you need to do NOW:


  •  Create a consistent branded profile throughout your social media platforms. Make sure your banners/headers are recognizable across all sites.
  • Twitter will be your most effective platform for making connections and potential clients!! Providing great content that will resonate with your followers and reflect your brand are highly effective. Real-time engagement with those followers is essential.
  • Create a blog if you don’t currently have one. Add at least 1-3 new post weekly.

Those are all the things I will be doing over the next 3-4 weeks. I’m in the process of a website redesign as well as updating all my graphics across my social media platforms. I am dedicated to returning to being the actively engaged person I used to be and will be sharing with you along the way!!

What areas have you neglected in your branding via social and what do you intend to do to improve them? Let’s do this together!!!


5 Tips on Building Your Brand

Tips for brand building

What is your brand?

Sit down with a good cup of coffee and a notebook and pen and think very carefully about what your brand is.  Is it a big brand?  Is it a niche brand?  What does it look like?  Do you have an image or icon for your brand?  How do you dress?  Think about it.  What you wear reflects on your brand.  So maybe you want to have your own style that reflects your brand.

Look after your brand.

It’s all very good and well to set up a brand but now what.  Are you going to look after it?  Will you be monitoring your brand online?  If someone tweets at you or your brand are you going to reply to them and respond and help them out or put out any fires?

Build your brand.

When you have set up your brand look to build it up.  If you have one shop maybe you want two shops and then three.  Perhaps you want to increase your staff.  Look at building your social media profile as well.

Look after your time and resources.

Try not to waste your time. Once it is gone it is gone.  Look at your advertising and marketing.  See what is working and see what is not working.  If it’s not working cut it out of your budget. 

Think positive.

There will be times when your brand gets bashed, when it does keep thinking positive.  Remember what went wrong, learn from it and keep building your brand. 

Fred Felton is the author of 101 Tips for Twitter.