Social Media Consulting can take on many forms depending on the needs of the client. I am dedicated  to ensuring that my client’s needs are met.  What I do is to take the confusion out of social media so that you have a fundamental understanding of what social media really is and how you can utilize it to improve your visibility and increase business.

There is no longer the option of just ‘thinking” about one day adding Social Media as a means to advertise your business. It is critical to not only increasing your revenue but also to maintaining your current position. Mainstream advertising is shrinking exponentially and you must start shifting your strategy towards online marketing.

Learning how to manage your Social Media account should not be perplexing and difficult so,  we are “demystifying” it.  If you want to manage your own accounts, we can give you the insight and tools to be able to do this easily and effectively.

If you have a staff that you would like us to train, we can also arrange this via conference calls or in person sessions. So whether you are an individual who is needing guidance in Social Media or a business that needs Social Media implementation, we would love to share our knowledge with you and help you grow your brand!

Working with you would be a pleasure and I look forward to talking to you about how you can develop an effective plan that will benefit you!

For more information, Call 386-295-0674 or email

Some of the services I provide:

1. Twitter and Facebook Coaching

2. Managing your Social Media Accounts

3. Scheduling your Tweets

4. Helping you brand your business

5. Assisting you in setting up your blog

6. Analyzing your website and or business to determine what you need to increase revenue.