How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

There are so many ways to market your company and gain visibility on Twitter. One method that is becoming very popular is to host or participate in a Twitter Chat or Twitter Party.

A Twitter Chat normally has a theme for the specific chat and many are recurring chats. It is recommended to host them on a specific day each week, or time of the month so that people can look forward to it and join in on a regular basis. Twitter Chats can be extremely engaging and help you gain the visibility you are seeking if you are consistent and respectful of others in the chats. Spam and self promotion in another person’s chat is not advisable.

If you are trying to gain a presence on a specific topic such as “Twitter Info”, you would advertise your chat in advance to your followers and especially those you feel might be interested in dating and relationships. Creating lists for this purpose will help you immensely. Create a name for your weekly chat such as #4Twitter and this would be the hashtag you will use in every tweet during your chat.

Example… Your 1st Tweet of the night for the chat might be

Hello everyone! Welcome to our chat #4Twitter

Everyone who responds or interacts with you during the chat will also use this hashtag in their tweets #4Twitter so that all the tweets will be seen in your chat stream.

The easiest way to manage the chat is for all participants to log into your Twitter account, sign up on and simply add the hashtag 4Twitter without the #symbol to the top of the page. All the subsequent post you make will have the hashtag without having to manually add them.  You will see everyone’s conversations pertaining to your chat there.

Another way to see a Twitter Chat is to go to to the top of Twitter and add #4Twitter to the Search area and it will show you the tweets. You would have to add the hashtag #4Twitter  manually so everyone would see your tweet within the stream.

If you would like to learn more about Twitter Chats and join in on an informative chat on Social Media Topics, then join us on Thursdays at 8 am on #Turnitsocial!

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  1. Connie Langford says:

    Can you tell me if there is a site which will explain Twitter to me, how to use it, etc??

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      HI Connie! There are many articles here to help you and not one site that will explain it all. Part of it is just diving in and experiencing it. Twitter is really quite simple once you give it a try. I also provide services to help people with Social Media.
      Have you started tweeting yet or set up your account? How far along are you?


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