How Are You Promoting Your Blog?

Ok, now you have a blog. Congratulations, you are on your way!! What do you do now to get people to see it? Have you had your blog up for over a month and no one is responding? Why is that? Well, more than likely because it is basically  invisible to everyone but you!

Beginning the blog is the easiest part of the process. Almost anyone can start a blog. Two of the most crucial parts though are content and promotion. That is where the the pros are separated from the amateurs. What you don’t want to look like or end up as in Blogosphere World is an amateur.

Do you have social media buttons on your blog so that people can tell others about your wonderful blog?? If not, how are they going to help you promote it?? Remember the saying “Work Smarter not Harder?” This is so important in our business because most of us have limited time to promote our businesses so why not let others help you!!

Does your blog have a plug in so others can follow your blog with rss feed?? Very important way for your readers to keep in touch with your latest post. Also, do not forget to post regularly. Three to five times per week is a must to keep your content fresh and your audience engaged and interested in you! Attention spans are short on the internet and you have to constantly be in their face!!

Are you using Twitter and Facebook to announce your latest articles? Make sure you use a tiny url to post them. They will be your best friends. It takes time to get the attention you want from Twitter but I promise you that if you utilize Twitter correctly, you will plant seeds now but sprout beautiful sunflowers later!!


  1. Kim Marino says:

    I enjoyed reading your “How Are You Promoting Your Blog. It is so true about Twitter. Great info. I love what you wrote … plant seeds on Twitter, you will sprout beautiful sunflowers. Thank you. Kim

    • Dede Watson DivaCafe says:

      Thanks Kim. Yes, you must build trust before you can develop deeper connections. That takes some a long time to learn. I love sharing and helping others avoid wasting time on efforts that are non productive.

  2. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the share!

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