Does Your Social Media Engagement Dazzle Your Audience?

Whether you know it or not, once you are using Social Media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, you are working with an audience of potential listeners. The question is  Will they tune you in or outDo you have anything to offer them that is of value? Are you talking to them or at them? If you are not sharing with them information and engagement that give that  WOW Factor.. I need to know more, then why should they spend their time getting to know you?

One of the things that I see continuously on Twitter and Facebook is the tendency for people to share how great their business is in my stream without getting to the conversational stage with me. Meaning, I see daily self promotion on my Facebook fan page that was unsolicited by me. Why do I want to allow free advertising space on my fan page? What have  they done for me? It gives the spammer… and YES, I do say spammer the freedom to promote themselves as well as junk up my page.

Twitter has produced the most ROI of any Social Media site that I have used. It is fast paced and allows you to engage, make friends and share your business with an unlimited supply of quality people. There are those however who utilize Twitter for spamming.  In their defense, many people are new to Twitter as the result of this remarkable Social Media explosion that is taking place. Social Media is quite new and there has been very little training until lately to assist all the newcomers.

Learning how to engage your listeners/followers/audience is the first step in networking effectively. Finding what THEY need and want versus what you want them to know or have is what will set you apart. Having passion and showing sincerity for what you do and with whom you interact are also necessary elements in gaining a following and being successful in Social Media. Dazzling and wowing  your followers is not only going to help you get closer to your goals, but it also feels so good!

What are doing that sets you apart from the mix?


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  1. Chiara says:

    Absolutely true and good advice. Everyone is out looking for the newest ways of leveraging social media as a marketing tool… They just automate and ignore the people whose attention they’re trying to get! Social media is about engagement and presenting yourself as an approachable expert! Well said, dede!

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      HI Chiara! There are those who are lost at the onset of communication on Twitter and Facebook that just need some guidance. They can be saved lol. However, there are those who know how the etiquette and most social approaches and because of time constraints, burnout or taking on too many projects lose the “Social” in Social Media. That is a pity and a disservice to both themselves and their clients!

  2. Hi Dede,
    I like to find out what others are doing to build their business, and find out how I can help them achieve better results. Like you, I find that Twitter provides the best ROI of any social media site out there. Not only that, but I’ve made more real friends on Twitter than all the other sites combined.

    Awesome post, Dede! Thanks for sharing.
    Talk soon,

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      Thanks so much! Twitter is an amazing place if people just follow a few rules of engagement. Faster than Facebook to connect and receive response. Not happy with Fb’s new timeline and feel that it makes it more difficult to engage and network.

  3. I enjoy twitter and love to get to know all walks of personalities. I wish I was more dazzling. I do not do well with being funny, as my humor that is silly and quirky doesn’t always translate. Enjoy the spring sunshine!

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      Thanks Caroline and I just don’t believe that you are not dazzling!! It is about relating to people and listening to what they have to say. Making connections. You don’t have to be humorous. Be yourself and that will shine! Stay in touch with me on Twitter at Dede_Watson . I will be happy to help you! Lots of sunshine in Dallas! Where are you located?

  4. Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

    Yes, it needs more upkeep that I have been giving it currently!! Thanks for your post!

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