Does Buying Fake Followers Hurt or Help Your Goals?

Normally, I am a very positive poster  and supporter on Facebook and Twitter.  This past month though I have become very anxious and disappointed in the increasing abuse of “buying” twitter followers, which are inactive or fake profiles. This practice upsets me for 2 reason: First, it is unethical in my opinion and a misrepresentation of one’s value to the community. The second and primary reason that I am over the top in my disapproval is that it sends a message out to the business world that social media is really “fluff” and little substance.

Social Media is just starting to gain real credibility and traction and we are finally being seen as a growing necessity for businesses to continue gaining exposure in the marketplace. Print and television advertising will continue to decline in the future and hence the need for social media services. What happens when businesses feel that we are not a viable form of promoting and branding for their needs?

It is not just politicians and celebrities that are putting an overinflated spin on their popularity, but it is our own social media community that is at risk of damaging our reputation and that of credible people with the desire to boost their own follower count. Many of the abusers are  social media influencers and I say shame on them!

I have made a decision to not support these “bad” practices by “unfollowing” people that I suspect of buying fake followers. Here is what appears to be a fairly accurate tracking tool to spot people that are buying fake followers. If you see someone who’s followers grow by 10,000 plus monthly, there is a more than probable cause to suspect they are not all real.

With all the attention lately on “buying followers,” there is hope that people will start seeing the negative impact that it can have on their image and focus more on quality and not make social media a popularity contest!


  1. Rob says:

    As an experiment, yesterday I purchased 20,000 followers for my personal Twitter account for $5. Anyone who looks at my followers will see none are real, so I would not recommend buying followers for a Twitter account that means anything… But I’m curious to see if my twitter interactions will be different than when I had 5 followers.

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      Hi Rob!! The problem is that you cannot flush them out! They are following YOU, so how do you get rid of them. It is not difficult to get real people to follow you! Please do not do this with Facebook as the negative outcome is much worse and would be happy to explain this to you if you would like! What you bought is worthless! I try so hard to get this across so that people do not just waste good money, but create an image that can be hard to change. Thanks for your honesty and hope everyone can learn from this!

  2. Rob says:

    Dede, in my case, remember that this is an experiment. I am curious to learn first hand, about buying fake Twitter followers, see what the followers look like, drop off rate, repercussions, etc. My plan is to write about the experience, so a few dollars spent on my end can help inform a large number of people of what to expect when you pay for followers. So what I bought has a ton of value, I’m learning. I had no other expectation beyond first hand knowledge. But I agree, I would not recommend buying followers for any serious social profile (personal or brand).

  3. Caleb Hodges says:

    Hi Dede, I am curious about the damage of buying Facebook followers? I haven’t done it, but have been considering it as an option on FB for a client of mine. I’ve really been trying to make an educated decision and would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      Hi Caleb!

      It can have an even more serious impact on Facebook. If you have a lot of “fake” fans on Facebook, then it will negatively impact your visibility when you run ads and engage. Please do not allow your client to persuade you to take this path! There are other ways that you can gain followers. Will be discussing this more in depth next week!
      The slow and steady method at the beginning is much better than “quick” results!!

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