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One of the things that I tell new Networkers is that in 2011, you need a blog. Do you sense my urgency?? Most people are still wary or hesitant of blogging because they don’t understand the concept or necessity to connect with an audience to increase their visibility. Is it crucial to your business? Well, that depends on your concept of where you want your business to go. If you work primarily via the internet, then I would say the answer is yes!

Most new Networkers or internet business owners are floundering out there. There is no real help available and no known, credible resources to help them succeed. Does this sound familiar? The reason is that most successful people don’t want to share their secrets for free. They are writing ebooks and trying to sell you “consultation packages”. Do you need them? That depends on how big your wallets are and if you are willing to take a risk for possibly not much return!

I am going to save you the money by sharing with you my experiences and somewhat limited but hopefully a little enlightening information on how you can improve your visibility and gain presence as a leader in your field! Will it happen overnight? I must confess that the answer is most definitely no.

Are you worried now? I certainly hope you are still with me!! There is light at the end of the tunnel and I am here to provide a ray of it for you. Blogging is important for anyone that is seeking credibility, visibility and recognition. A few years ago, blogging was more cathartic than a business necessity. Now, every journalist, politician and most CEO’s are part of the blogging world.

If you are not currently writing your own blog, then you need to start sharpening your writing skills. It is not necessary to be a prolific writer. Not everyone is going to write like Hemmingway or Margaret Mitchell. Start with short post about your business and even about yourself. Soon, you will find that it becomes much easier and quite addictive as well.

Start reading other blogs to see what people are interested in and to check out different writing styles. Keeping the blog within the parameters of your personality is paramount so that you sound genuine and display enthusiasm for your craft and towards your readers.

To start with, you do need a platform on which to post your blog. I suggest or They are both widely used by bloggers and easy to naviagate through. You can use their free versions and then move on to your own template and url.

This is just the beginning! Now go out there and create your blog and we will talk more later!!

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