Crowdbooster- Just hype or does it provide results?

On August 31, 2011, Crowdbooster announced that they were going public beta. It was very exciting for those of us who had been fortunate to be in on the private beta testing and I asked them to join us for our weekly #Tweetnight chat on Twitter tools and info.Many of our chat participants were new to Crowdbooster so it was a very informative hour for them and me as well.

What is Crowdbooster?

Crowdbooster is a Social Media Analytics tool founded in 2010 by 3 Stanford graduates that aggregates data to allow you to have an effective presence on Twitter and Facebook. How important is this to your Tweets? If you are serious about growing your visibility then this content driven dynamic site will give you the tools you need to achieve your targets.

Some of the features of Crowdbooster:

Impressions- Shows your most powerful tweets in a chart form.
Follower Growth- Charts the progress of your Tweets, followers, retweets and mentions. You can set this to daily, weekly or monthly.
Who are my followers- Showing your most influential followers and their follows.
Top Retweeters- Allows you to see who is retweeting you most. Why is this important? You want to know who is most engaging you. Those are the people you want to reach out to and stay engaged with.
Tweet Automater- Set up your Tweets according to the times that Crowdbooster has recommended based on your tweets. This is an excellent feature and I utilize it almost daily. It will then show you who is retweeting your auto tweets.

Most of the features are free on Crowdbooster. If you need a more detailed account of your Social Media accounts, they do have a business version for $20 per month which allows you to customize your data.

Another thing that we like about Crowdbooster is that if you have questions that you cannot resolve through their website, you can normally find them available on Twitter. Providing speedy customer service and responding promptly to issues is what sets them apart from so many other Social Media sites.

What is your opinion on Crowdbooster? Do you think it has helped your Social Media presence?


  1. Ricky Yean says:

    Loved it, Dede, thank you for sharing about our tool. We’ll continue to improve it in order to delight you and your community! Let us know if we can ever be helpful.

    – Ricky
    CEO, Crowdbooster

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