5 Tips for Twitter Engagement

5 tips for twitter engagement
Are you setting all of your Tweets on Autopilot?? If so, you MUST pay close attention to the following.
People are social beings. They like to share and connect with people. Most of all, they like to be  HEARD. So, if you all you are doing is tweeting inspirational quotes and auto tweets about your business, then you are missing out on the most important aspect of Social Media.

Social Media is not just an option anymore for your business, it is a very critical part of branding and gaining a presence. (Will touch on this in later posts) One thing that you MUST know is that conventional advertising is going to become obsolete and the key is ……. ENGAGEMENT and Word of Mouth!!

Twitter is a fast and effective way to get your message out and get people to connect with you!

Here are 5 Tips For Twitter Engagement:

1. Spend at least 30 minutes each morning and evening Tweeting to others LIVE.
2. Respond individually to people that reach out to you. LISTEN to what they are saying to you and respond!! Show that you hear THEM.
3. Look for people that you have not chatted with recently and reach out to a few new ones that interest you or are tweeting something that you would like to mention. Expand your circle of engagement!
4. Do not make a habit of just sending out group tweets with no message. I see this all the time and have a few followers that line up my “mention” area with a succession of names and no content. You must also add tweets that are valuable to your followers!! Socializing is a great part of it but also give them information that is worthy of mentioning!
5. Tweet with Enthusiasm and Passion- The tone and content of your tweets is what draws people to respond as well as retweet you!

Hope this helps and look forward to your Tweets! You can tweet me at @Dede_Watson .

Top 3 Things NOT To Do with Hashtags!

hashtagsIt is probably safe to say that very few people knew what hashtags were 3 years ago. Even people that were starting to dabble in social media and blogging were relatively uninterested in the usage of hashtags. The past 12-18 months,  hashtags have become more relevant to social media with the need to both differentiate and trend.

There are a few solid reasons that you SHOULD use hashtags, such as to create a specific chat for your topic of interest or  to highlight the point you are trying to focus on in your message or tweet. On the other hand, there are many things that people are doing that are abusing the fundamental reasons behind hashtags and this is both a time and message killer!!

Here are the Top 3 Things NOT to do with Hashtags:

1. Using more than 2-3 hashtags in Tweets.  This practice  can become mind clutter. Meaning if I have to decipher 3 or more #hashtags within a tweet or message with very little content, then I am going to lose interest in what is being said. I see so many tweets with 3 or more hashtags throughout a tweet that give very little value to the reader. There is a 17% decrease in engagement when using more than 2 hashtags! “THINK” about what your message is and which #hashtags are most relevant to your brand and particular tweet.

2. Loading your profile  with ##hashtags. I must admit that when I see a profile that doesn’t really tell me anything about you, then I am very skeptical to follow you. Why should I follow someone that provides no intelligible information about who they are. More importantly, what value do you offer ME?? Remember that in social media; it is not about YOU the provider of the content, it is about ME!!  Secondly, profiles that offer little more than #hashtags are a “red flag.”  Spamming comes to mind when I see them!

3.  Adding hashtags that are not relevant to your post. Doing this with a #trending subject might be appealing if you want masses to see your tweet, but what value does it really offer you or your audience. People searching for key terms are normally looking for that! Stay focused on what you are tweeting about!

**FYI- Do a #TwitterSearch with and without the hashtag and you will find that the key term you are entering will show up both ways!

Getting the most bang out of 140 characters can sometimes be challenging, but remember in the wonderful world of  microblogging, Less is More!

Twitter Insider: The Proven Formula for Posting Effectively

“I don’t get how this Twitter thing works. Why would people care about what I ate for lunch?”

This is usually the first thought that comes to the mind of a social media newbie when discussing Twitter. There seems to be a common misconception that Twitter was invented to share culinary choices. And while I enjoy a good sandwich tweet as much as the rest of you, I have yet to be drawn in by a BLT or chicken salad discussion on Twitter (unless it contains a link to a yummy recipe!).

If what you eat is the subject of all your social media posts, no one will want to follow you or engage with you. You will not attract a community of your target audience, and the people you do attract will not feel loyal to you or want to invest in your services.

If you are an entrepreneur, author, speaker, or service provider, you are likely using social media to attract ideal clients, build a targeted community, and increase your expert status. To reach these goals, you want to post accordingly. However – that does not mean you post about your business all day every day.

So what types of subjects or topics should you be posting?

I want to make it easy for you. So I’m going to give you a formula.

The proven GhostTweeting formula for social media posting:

  • 50% of your posts should be around your main area of expertise
  • 20% of your posts should be about supportive areas of your expertise (related, aligned topics that support your subject of brilliance)
  • 30% “Character Development” – let your audience get to know you

When you post valuable information on your area of expertise, your audience learns to trust you. Your “guru” status grows every day.

Posting topics related to your specific expertise shows that you are well rounded. This increases engagement. You community begins to see you as a trusted resource.

But there is also room to share personal information about your interests, family, and hobbies. We all love to make warm connections, so don’t be afraid to reveal a little about yourself in the Twitterverse.

“Oh, you have an obsession with scrapbooking? Me too. Where do you get your stamps?”

“I let my dog sleep in the bed with me, too. People say I’m crazy just like you!”

“I know how you feel! I’m on my third cup of coffee, also.”

These posts are not about business, and they aren’t intended to get business. They are all about connection and engagement. Your best clients are the ones who start out feeling like you get them. Do you get that?

So now that you have a formula to follow, go connect, engage, and inspire!

About the Author

Nika Stewart is Co-founder & CEO of GhostTweeting.com. From her early roots as an event planner and award-winning interior designer to her more recent successes as an internet marketing leader, national speaker, and business coach, Nika brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to her company. You can also reach Nika on Twitter and Facebook.

Why Smart Social Media Doesn’t Equate to Buying Twitter Followers

buying twiter followers? a strict no noThere seems to be a significant rise lately in the number of companies that are offering “guaranteed”  Twitter followers. Unfortunately, a quick rise to Twitterdom does not guarantee success! Doesn’t appear that way if you check out the ads and tweets you see everyday online.  Who wouldn’t want to “pay only $65 for 10,000 followers”? Sounds like this could propel you to a higher influence on Klout, Kred and in your particular area of expertise or does it?

Twitter is a social media platform that gives businesses and individuals the ability to develop a highly engaged audience. So, when buying followers, you lose the ability to connect with that segment of your base. Why is this?? Because these followers are not going to engage with you since they are not active on Twitter.  They only serve to pump up your numbers so that you appear as though you are popular or influential. Does this serve any long term goals you may have planned for your business?

For those who do not understand where these “paid for” followers come from, let’s explore this. A company creates 1,000’s of accounts and then distributes these followers to their clients who elect to “buy” their influence. Most of these accounts have very few followers and minimal to 0 tweets. So, if you suspect that someone is purchasing followers, those are key indicators.

Normally, there will be a cluster of suspicious followers visible on their profile. StatusPeopleFakersTool is a great tool to show you  you the percentage of inactive, real and fake followers! Thanks to Jim Dougherty  for sharing this!

Someone can go from 0 followers to 10,000 for under $100! It sounds extremely enticing and with the increasing competition among Social Media peers, it sometimes can be too alluring to ignore.  I have observed some of my well respected and influential peers fall victim to the pressure to represent themselves as true leaders with a large following.  The result however can be damaging to someone’s reputation and the reputation of the Social Media industry. Would you trust someone that you know is buying followers?

Without true engagement and relationships, the amount of followers you have basically no value. It is about being a leader, providing great content and showing that you are an expert in your niche that will draw people to you and provide you with the success you are seeking.

Top 5 Twitter Tools for 2012

I have decided to become more organized in 2012. The more I focus on the tasks I have ahead of me for the day, the more personal time I will have to enjoy my life. Although I get immense pleasure out of Tweeting and engaging, there has to be a balance in life and I feel the following sites will help not only simplify your Social Media time but also help you grow your presence with followers and content on Twitter. Best of all, you can utilize them for FREE!

1. Social Oomph- This is absolutely one of my favorite sites. Socialoomph.com has made Tweeting not only fun, but gives you a reliable platform for saving, sharing and automating your tweets.

2. Tweetdeck- Many people love Hootsuite and although they are both great sites for Tweeting as well as automating your tweets, I prefer Tweetdeck. I am so surprised that so many people are not utilizing Tweetdeck and your Twitter time can be simplified and more fun with the help of Tweetdeck. You can see all your mentions, direct mentions, new followers etc on one page and not have to be searching around your Twitter account for all of the details. An absolute must!

3. Tweepi- Tweepi is an invaluable site! There are so many incredible FREE features on Tweepi.com. I recently upgraded to the paid version to check it out, but to be honest, there is very little difference and I may be downgrading to the free version once again.Tweepi allow you to see who is not following you and “flush” out all your twitter squatters! There are some people that you might like to save even though they are now reciprocating. You will probably find though that as you move forward on Twitter, that people that give back will be those you focus on anyway and keeping a healthy ratio is important.

4. Twaitter- This incredible Twitter tool also allows you to auto tweet but is different from Tweepi as you can decide how many times you would like to send the same tweet throughout the week. Twaiiter is very simple to use even for a newbie. The key is to stay in the stream without abusing Twitter with a lot of spam. Staying visible and providing useful content will gain more attention than self promotional links.

5.  Tweetchat- Tweetchat is a way to join up with others for chats on topics that you are interested in as well as for creating and hosting your own chat. Tweetchat allows you to stay focused on the chat and see all of the tweets in one place. It saves time and will allow you to respond to the chat without large delays. Some chats move at lightening speed and you will see that this is the best site for Twitter chats or managing your own online Twitter Community. Many people are stating a 24 hour twitter community to stay in touch with their audience and followers.

What are your top 5 Twitter Tools for 2012?


Top 10 No-No’s on Twitter

Many people are just starting out in Social Media and have not had time to get acquainted with some of the most important rules and etiquette of Social Media. We think that when we join Twitter, we are going to have an EXPLOSION in business only to find out there is no easy way to do so. Twitter is simply a social media platform designed to give you the opportunity to gain visibility and make connections.

I have been involved with Social Media for about 4 years and am never surprised at what new spam and bad manners appear before me. There are obvious things that most people with common sense know is not allowed but there are also others that fall into those grey areas.

This is my top 10 list of things you do should not do on Twitter:

1.  Creating Drama on Twitter. Whether this ensues from becoming argumentative, or complaining about your life. Twitter is not for sharing your personal woes or becoming combative with other followers. Keep this offline as it will gain you a bad reputation and holds no positive value.

2.  Using Profanity in your profile or tweets. There really is no reason to use raunchy language unless you are trying to attract the same quality followers.

3.  Continually asking someone to follow you. There are many reasons that someone is not following you. Firstly, are you following them? I have had many people asking me for a follow that are not following me. What makes them so special? Also, perhaps they only follow those in their niche. If they are not following you, give them support by tweeting them and possibly they will recognize your value.

4.  Retweeting without checking out the list of people included in that tweet. Have you looked at their profile? Are they someone you would follow or want others to see you tweeting about? Be careful who you tweet!

5.  Being careless about whether you are direct messaging or tweeting. Be sure you are paying attention or you may tweet information that you are trying to keep private. It is not always possible to reverse what you have tweeted.

6.  Tweeting the same people too much. What is too much? If they stop responding, you will know. Some people love lots of attention and some are turned off by repetitive tweeting.

7.  Tweeting that you will have to unfollow them if they don’t follow you. It is their choice NOT to follow you. Sometimes they have overlooked you inadvertently and more often they just don’t want to follow you. Tweeting their content and building a relationship with them will gain their attention.

8   Over use of hashtags. It is so annoying to look at someone’s profile and see only hashtags with little description and no website address posted. Quality and content attract attention! Show everyone that you are someone they should follow and you will gain respect and followers! You should also not make your entire tweet a message of hashtags ##!

9   Overdosing in self-promotion. I tell people every day that succeeding on Twitter is about 80-90% promoting and supporting others and the rest you can allow for tweeting about your business. Too much about YOU becomes a negative and people will stop listening!

10  Don’t tweet your every move throughout the day. People really don’t care about your daily habits and lifestyle. Are you Kim Kardashian?? Okay, now you get my point. Keep it real, simple and professional! It is great to be friendly. Have a sense of humor, enthusiasm and passion in your tweets!

Buffer or Crowdbooster to Manage Tweets?


There are a multitude of Twitter applications to manage your Tweets. The main two that I have been relying on are Buffer and Crowdbooster.  They are both widely used and I still utilize both.

Crowdbooster is a really interesting and resourceful site that tells you the best time to release your tweets and allows you the flexibility of arranging your tweets to the time you designate. It further tells you who and how many followers have retweeted your tweets. Being able to see who you are reaching will allow you to improve your metrics which is crucial if you want to gain a large presence on Twitter. The only downside that I have experienced so far is reliability with auto tweets. Sometimes, the tweets do not get sent and I  have not experienced this with Buffer. Crowdbooster allows you to add 3 accounts.  You can upgrade with Crowdbooster for $20 monthly and add up to 10 accounts.

Buffer allows you to set up 10 Tweets daily for free under one account. You can upgrade starting at $10 per month and manage up to 3 accounts and send 50 auto tweets daily. They are a bit more restrictive as you cannot set your tweets to a specific time nor do you have access to resources to evaluate your metrics. You can set up times during the day you want to tweet and they are automatically added in the order that you submit them. I have never had any problems with my tweets not going on target with Buffer.

There are other auto tweet applications and we will be discussing them in future posts.

What is your favorite Tweet Manager?

Why Should I Follow You on Twitter?

Twitter is an amazing place to promote yourself and your business. If you want to gain exposure and increase your network of friends and followers, Twitter can truly help you if you are willing to play by my rules of engagement!

Rules for keeping my interests and receiving a follow back:

Do not contact me if you are an Egghead!

One of my pet peeves is to have someone ask me to follow them if they are a faceless profile. If you are taking the time to create a profile, which obviously means you expect someone to notice you, then you need to add your photo or your business logo to your profile. I rarely follow anyone without a picture. It is very difficult to feel a connection to an egghead as well as not knowing who you are following!

Why should I follow you if you are not following me back?

Are you a superstar or celebrity?? Even if you are, if you do not follow me,  then you do not remain one of my valued follows! What is the purpose of a one-sided relationship? What value am I gaining from your enjoying the benefits of my tweets and being a part of my twitter follows? Simply put, if you don’t follow me then you get “unfollowed”!

Is your content worthy of my attention?

When you Tweet me, do you spam me with endless hashtags, profanity or “Bierber” post? Is your profile a sea of hashtags and nonsense?  Did you add a description in your profile to let me know if you are worthy of my follow. Show me that you have substance and get my attention with something that will help ME!!  Are you valuable to others around me in my Twittersphere??

Are you only promoting yourself?

If you are in my Twitter stream only posting tweets about yourself and never engaging, then what does this do for me. Do you rt me or your other followers. Are you only promoting YOUR business? Then what does this do for me? Why do I need to follow you? Do you have a core of faithful followers that you support? Are you tweeting and re-tweeting them??

So now that we have spent this time together, I will ask you once more…. Why should I follow you?

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How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

There are so many ways to market your company and gain visibility on Twitter. One method that is becoming very popular is to host or participate in a Twitter Chat or Twitter Party.

A Twitter Chat normally has a theme for the specific chat and many are recurring chats. It is recommended to host them on a specific day each week, or time of the month so that people can look forward to it and join in on a regular basis. Twitter Chats can be extremely engaging and help you gain the visibility you are seeking if you are consistent and respectful of others in the chats. Spam and self promotion in another person’s chat is not advisable.

If you are trying to gain a presence on a specific topic such as “Twitter Info”, you would advertise your chat in advance to your followers and especially those you feel might be interested in dating and relationships. Creating lists for this purpose will help you immensely. Create a name for your weekly chat such as #4Twitter and this would be the hashtag you will use in every tweet during your chat.

Example… Your 1st Tweet of the night for the chat might be

Hello everyone! Welcome to our chat #4Twitter

Everyone who responds or interacts with you during the chat will also use this hashtag in their tweets #4Twitter so that all the tweets will be seen in your chat stream.

The easiest way to manage the chat is for all participants to log into your Twitter account, sign up on Tweetchat.com and simply add the hashtag 4Twitter without the #symbol to the top of the page. All the subsequent post you make will have the hashtag without having to manually add them.  You will see everyone’s conversations pertaining to your chat there.

Another way to see a Twitter Chat is to go to to the top of Twitter and add #4Twitter to the Search area and it will show you the tweets. You would have to add the hashtag #4Twitter  manually so everyone would see your tweet within the stream.

If you would like to learn more about Twitter Chats and join in on an informative chat on Social Media Topics, then join us on Thursdays at 8 am on #Turnitsocial!

Did this help?

Crowdbooster- Just hype or does it provide results?

On August 31, 2011, Crowdbooster announced that they were going public beta. It was very exciting for those of us who had been fortunate to be in on the private beta testing and I asked them to join us for our weekly #Tweetnight chat on Twitter tools and info.Many of our chat participants were new to Crowdbooster so it was a very informative hour for them and me as well.

What is Crowdbooster?

Crowdbooster is a Social Media Analytics tool founded in 2010 by 3 Stanford graduates that aggregates data to allow you to have an effective presence on Twitter and Facebook. How important is this to your Tweets? If you are serious about growing your visibility then this content driven dynamic site will give you the tools you need to achieve your targets.

Some of the features of Crowdbooster:

Impressions- Shows your most powerful tweets in a chart form.
Follower Growth- Charts the progress of your Tweets, followers, retweets and mentions. You can set this to daily, weekly or monthly.
Who are my followers- Showing your most influential followers and their follows.
Top Retweeters- Allows you to see who is retweeting you most. Why is this important? You want to know who is most engaging you. Those are the people you want to reach out to and stay engaged with.
Tweet Automater- Set up your Tweets according to the times that Crowdbooster has recommended based on your tweets. This is an excellent feature and I utilize it almost daily. It will then show you who is retweeting your auto tweets.

Most of the features are free on Crowdbooster. If you need a more detailed account of your Social Media accounts, they do have a business version for $20 per month which allows you to customize your data.

Another thing that we like about Crowdbooster is that if you have questions that you cannot resolve through their website, you can normally find them available on Twitter. Providing speedy customer service and responding promptly to issues is what sets them apart from so many other Social Media sites.

What is your opinion on Crowdbooster? Do you think it has helped your Social Media presence?