How & Why You Can Use Live Video Streaming for Your Personal Brand – Part 1


Using Livestreaming Video Apps to Promote Your Personal Brand

The reason I take the time to learn any new tool, app, platform or process is so that I can apply it to the work I do for clients, for my own business or to share it with you so you can go make the world better. It’s important to learn how to use social media to promote your personal brand. It’s up to you to decide which ones you have time for and which ones are right for your brand and expertise. A live-streaming app may offer your potential customers a chance to get to know the real you, and especially if YOU are the product, you get to show them your finesse. Especially if you could use a platform that shows off your genuine expertise as a host, a product reviewer or spokesperson, live-streaming may be for you!

“It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build the closest thing to teleportation.” – via

What is it?

Livestreaming apps are basically mobile web cams: broadcasts viewable by the general public with access to the same app. Anyone can walk around to broadcast their version of his or her own reality show, and anyone can watch it.

Per, think of live broadcasting apps like the iPhone staple FaceTime, except it’s now open to anyone, and not limited by a silly ol’ phone number.

You’ll need an iPhone 6 or have an older iPhone running OS 8 to broadcast. You can watch on a desktop by clicking the link that Periscope puts out on Twitter.

Your broadcasts aren’t stored on a channel, like in YouTube. MeerKat will keep broadcasts available for 24 hours, and Periscope allows you to download your broadcast, but that’s kind of why each of them use the “pop-up” metaphor. Here … and gone. And there’s no way to watch anonymously, so there’s some accountability.

What makes this different from other social media platforms?

Video made better by real life. Like always, video has the ability to hold attention like nothing else. Now we have a venue to make live, real-time mistakes impact in front of potentially thousands of people. It’s also live, and the two-way communication can actually change the course of the broadcast:

After scrolling through a list of broadcasts one morning, I ended up watching a sous chef in Sweden prepare a piece of meat, but it was partially off camera, so I typed in a comment: “What is that?” He glanced at the screen then pulled a fish up by the tail in full view, and said, smiling, “Sea Bass!”. I was teleported to a cooking class at his restaurant’s kitchen! Really fun, actually; and if I were so inclined, I can now use a filet knife like a boss!


Who’s watching it?

  • Mostly internet users who are either tech geeks who have their finger on the pulse of the next big thing, or those working in digital marketing
  • The innately curious and/or voyeur in all of us.
  • In reality, not that many people right now, but this will change, which means if you start now, you could rule this space. Because there aren’t that many people/channels available to watch, if you start scheduling high quality and interesting “shows” – you are likely to be speaking to a few devoted fans/watchers that will start spreading the word.Let’s get on the bottom floor of this skyrocketing elevator, shall we?”

The real vision is — it sounds very cliché — it’s something we call ‘spontaneous togetherness,'” says Ben Rubin, CEO and cofounder of Air, the company behind Meerkat (via Mashable).

Who’s broadcasting?

The apps are bleeding-edge new, so right now there seems to be five types of users:

  • News reporters, both pro and citizen journalists alike. Think: Political meetings or confrontations, parades, riots, protests, or even family picnics, baby’s first steps outside on the patio, here’s my dog chasing a frisbee, etc.
  • Bored kids/teens showing off their rooms and refrigerator contents.
  • Celebrities and on-air experts (Al Roker, Jimmy Fallon, for example) and their PR teams who are hoping to promote shows and incentives.
  • And most important to this blog post: reviewers, hosts, and experts who are sharing their content – this is where you and I come in …
live broadcasting  twitter periscope live video streaming

From a Periscope live broadcast by Mashable – how it looks viewed from desktop app

Are you already using one of the popular live video streaming apps now? What’s been your experience with these cutting-edge social media platforms? Let me know in the comments.

Stay tuned for Part 2 to learn the dark side of live streaming apps plus ideas for how you can use Periscope to promote your personal brand!!

Wake Up And Pay Attention To Your Brand

Pay attention to your brand

One of the first things I learned about branding is that consistency on your social platforms is as crucial to growing your brand out as is being engaged. I would actually say more so; since if you don’t have a clear message and targeting a defined space, then you are wasting time! It’s great to have social friends and I have been fortunate to make many, but my main end goal via social media is to create new opportunities for my business.

Over the past year, I have been extremely fortunate to grown my business to six figures. I’ve worked 60+hour weeks for the past 7 years and 2 years ago was able to leave my full time job to turn my passion for social media into a full time career as well as hire 2 part time assistants!!

What has happened to my own personal brand is that as a result of a big ramp up in business, I have seriously neglected all the things that I tell my clients they must do to be successful!! It’s very embarrassing when you are telling someone they need to update the look of their brand and work on the SAME details that you do not. How can I be taken seriously if I am not living by what I teach?

As a result, I became almost invisible on my own social media accounts and stopped adding content to my blog. I couldn’t seem to find time to spend even 30 minutes per day. Additionally, there is no consistency in the look of my brand. Imagery is different across all my platforms.

Almost everyone who has a Twitter account or Facebook fan page today has some type of brand; whether it be a product, business or personal brand. That means they are looking for opportunities and want to be effective with their marketing on Social Media.

3 things  you need to do NOW:


  •  Create a consistent branded profile throughout your social media platforms. Make sure your banners/headers are recognizable across all sites.
  • Twitter will be your most effective platform for making connections and potential clients!! Providing great content that will resonate with your followers and reflect your brand are highly effective. Real-time engagement with those followers is essential.
  • Create a blog if you don’t currently have one. Add at least 1-3 new post weekly.

Those are all the things I will be doing over the next 3-4 weeks. I’m in the process of a website redesign as well as updating all my graphics across my social media platforms. I am dedicated to returning to being the actively engaged person I used to be and will be sharing with you along the way!!

What areas have you neglected in your branding via social and what do you intend to do to improve them? Let’s do this together!!!


5 Tips To Maximize Your Event With Social Media

Social media and events

You have just received a booking to speak at a big conference.  What do you do next? How do you get the buzz going for this event and for you.

Here are 5 tips to help you use social media at your next event:

1. Find out from the event manager who the other speakers are at the event.

Have a look for them on Twitter and add them and start to interact with them and share their tweets.  Interact with them on the day and retweet their interesting tweets.

2. Find out if the event has a hashtag and twitter handle

Most events have a hashtag at the very least.  Some even have a twitter handle or the company running it will use their handle.  Follow them and start using that hashtag and tell your followers that you will be speaking at the event.  Use the hashtag on the day and tweet insightful tweets, upload pictures and videos from the event and share tweets from other people at the event.

3. Remind the audience what the hashtag is

Before you speak, during your talk and when you end it find ways to tell the audience what the hashtag is and encourage them to take pictures and videos of the event using the hashtag.  If the event has no hashtag create your own. Eg #FredFeltonBizWorkshop or #FredFeltonBizTalk

4. If you are the MC remember that hashtag

If you are booked as the MC on the day it is your job to remind the speakers and the audience what that hashtag is.  Find interesting ways for them to use it as well.

5. Keep the buzz going

After the event keep the buzz going by tweeting some more insightful tweets about the event with the hashtag and also interact with the other speakers on twitter.

In so doing you can keep the buzz going about the event and this could just lead to your next booking.

What other tips can you suggest?

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5 Tips on Building Your Brand

Tips for brand building

What is your brand?

Sit down with a good cup of coffee and a notebook and pen and think very carefully about what your brand is.  Is it a big brand?  Is it a niche brand?  What does it look like?  Do you have an image or icon for your brand?  How do you dress?  Think about it.  What you wear reflects on your brand.  So maybe you want to have your own style that reflects your brand.

Look after your brand.

It’s all very good and well to set up a brand but now what.  Are you going to look after it?  Will you be monitoring your brand online?  If someone tweets at you or your brand are you going to reply to them and respond and help them out or put out any fires?

Build your brand.

When you have set up your brand look to build it up.  If you have one shop maybe you want two shops and then three.  Perhaps you want to increase your staff.  Look at building your social media profile as well.

Look after your time and resources.

Try not to waste your time. Once it is gone it is gone.  Look at your advertising and marketing.  See what is working and see what is not working.  If it’s not working cut it out of your budget. 

Think positive.

There will be times when your brand gets bashed, when it does keep thinking positive.  Remember what went wrong, learn from it and keep building your brand. 

Fred Felton is the author of 101 Tips for Twitter.

5 Hashtag Tips


You might have seen them all over the world on Twitter and just about every other social media network.  #Hashtags, those words that pop up now and again in tweets and all over Instagram and slowly but surely they are popping up on Facebook.

Hashtags are terms used so that if you search for that hashtag you will find tweets or pics or articles related to that topic.  So it can relate to anything from Events to Promotions to Pictures to Competitions to the list goes on and on.   You even find people having Twitter Chats with a certain hashtag. 

So how can you use a Hashtag for your Brand or Campaign?

Here are 5 tips to get you started:


Sit down with your team and work on some names for that hashtag.  It has to be something catchy and easy on the eye.  Something that stands out and also something that is quick to type.  So you want something short and punchy.  Come up with 10 names.  See which one stands out for you.  Select the best 5.  Then select the best 3, then the best 1.

Check It Out

The first thing to do is to type that hashtag into the search box in Twitter and Google.  Does a similar hashtag appear?  If so time to go back to that list.   Once you have found one that is not taken move forward.

Add It To The Marketing

Once you have found one that works make sure the marketing team is informed.  Make sure it is added to all Adverts, Publicity and Press Releases.  Add it to Images and Social Media Accounts.  Make sure your clients know about it.


If your hashtag is for an event or a conference make sure you use it during the event.  Make sure all those who come to the event can see it and are informed about it.  They will share it.  Remind the MC to tell everyone about the hashtag.  Ensure you have a Twitter Wall with that Hashtag. 

Track It

During the campaign make sure you have someone who tracks that hashtag.  See how it is used.  Learn from it and put that learning into your next hashtag campaign.

About Author

Fred Felton is a keynote speaker, social media consultant, author business analyst and website designer. Fred is also owner of Falcon’s Cove a digital media agency based in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa. You can also find Fred on Twitter and Facebook.

5 Tips on How to Use Slideshare for your Brand

For those of you who do not know much about Slideshare it is a wonderful online and offline tool which you can use for presentations, mini-books, sales pitches, inspiration and so much more.

Here are 5 tips for you to use it for your Brand.

Join Slideshare and upload your first presentation

Visit and open an account. It is free. Read the help manuals and take a look at some of the presentations. Get some idea’s. Then start with one of your presentations. If you don’t have one, do one. It can be anything. If you have presentations or powerpoints or keynotes you can upload them.

If you are a professional speaker this is a powerful media for you

You will find that many professional speakers upload their presentations there. It is a great way to leave breadcrumbs for your audience. So at your next presentation tell the audience that your presentation is up on your slideshare account and they can download it for free.

Slideshare is a powerful learning tool

You will get regular emails from slideshare on their top presentations or you can visit their site and search for some. There are some wonderful idea’s in them and if you don’t have the time to read them then and there you can download it and read it at your leisure.

Share the presentations you love

Slideshare gives you a wonderful option at the end of each presentation to share it across social media networks. Do it. You never know you might just connect with the person who made it. It also works both ways. People will be able to share your presentations as well.

Watch and Learn

Have a look at some of the presentations on Slideshare. Look at the one’s with the most shares and likes and downloads. Ask yourself why are they so good? What are they doing right? The answers will help you develop better and better presentations.

Eventually people will be sharing your presentations.

About Author

Fred Felton is a keynote speaker, social media consultant, author business analyst and website designer. Fred is also owner of Falcon’s Cove a digital media agency based in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa. You can also find Fred on Twitter and Facebook.

5 Tips To Rise To The Top On Pinterest

Pinterest might be more important to your brand than you think!  More brands are recognizing the power and importance of a strong social media presence to convert to sales!!  Many major retailers are turning to Pinterest and not simply relying on Facebook. According to Sephora’s head of digital Julie Bornstein, Pinterest members spend 15 times more on the company’s products than Facebook fans.

Here are 5 EASY Tips that will help get your pins and boards noticed:

1. Create at least 24 Pinterest boards; which will give you 3 rows of board content. It may sound like a lot of boards, but once you get started, you will find it is easy to find topics.
2. Don’t just create content related to your business. Add some topical boards that will drive people to your boards such as celebrities, movies, food. Make them fun!
3. Make your images dynamic. Look for photos that are colorful and large. People are visual and you will get more likes, and repins of from those images.
4. Add fresh pins daily to your boards. You can look through the feed, do searches on Pinterest under key terms or find new content via google. The more you add, the more visibility you will gain.
5. Gain new Pinterest followers by liking pins that interest you and following others!! The more activity you create, the faster you will gain followers and visibility. (

Do you currently have a Pinterest account? Feel free to share a link to yours here as well as any tips you have found that have helped you convert your pins into sales!

5 To Do Apps Worth Having

Here are 5 worth looking at:

Evernote –

  • The ability to save anything from webpages to clips to photos to sounds
  • Evernote syncs each device so you are always updated
  • You can also research and work with friends on projects
  • You can plan for events
  • You can remember important things to do, dates, times and more
  • Includes powerful search functions


Teamly –

  • Ability to download it from Google Chrome Web Store
  • Integrates with gmail or you can use it as an app
  • You can fill in  a daily to do list (I recommend 5 things)
  • Every day you get emailed a list of what your to do items were
  • Highly recommended.  Very simple and easy to use


Remember the Milk

  • As old as time this one
  • Available in just about every format on every device
  • Can also sync with gmail and integrate into it
  • A nice simple to do list
  • Also allows you to send to do reminders via Twitter DM just follow @rtm


Wunderlist -

  • If you are a design junkie then you will really appreciate the work that has gone into this to do list
  • Features beautiful clean design, wonderful backgrounds and fonts
  • Integrates with devices across all platforms and syncs from cloud storage


Do it  (Tomorrow) –

  • A wonderful little to do list which you can add to google chrome.  Very simple and beautiful to look at.
  • Superb design and sounds.  They think of everything.
  • The idea is to just put one or two things in it.
  • Aimed at people who love to procrastinate
  • Gives you the ability to just simply move things to Tomorrow.   Hence the name.


What is your favorite To Do App?

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About Author

Fred Felton is a keynote speaker, social media consultant, author business analyst and website designer. Fred is also owner of Falcon’s Cove a digital media agency based in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa. You can also find Fred on Twitter and Facebook.

5 Easy Tips To Grow Your Facebook Following

Facebook can be very perplexing for a business owner with little advertising budget who wants to grow his  fan page. It takes much more time to build a following on Facebook than Twitter and Pinterest, however there are ways to gain a steady following if you implement a consistent strategy.

Here are 5 Tips You Can Easily Incorporate Into Your Daily Schedule

  1. Add photos to your page that you know will draw response. Every fan page has a different audience however, most people love photos of animals and inspirational quotes. Also, adding an open ended question to the post to draw in a response encourages engagement. You can allow your Fb fan page post to go directly to Twitter, which will create activity on Twitter and your Twitter followers will be able to access you back on Facebook.  Photos and videos are the most sharable posts!!!
  2. Make sure that you occasionally add tags to your photos. You don’t want  to overuse this feature because if people are continually tagged, you may lose their support. If you have lots of friends on Facebook, you can rotate the people you tag.
  3. Contest are an incredible  way to draw followers and attention to your page and company. Make them fun, add great photos and make one of the criteria for the contest that they both “like” your page and post as well as “share”  your contest.
  4. Consistency in posting. Make sure that you post 2- 3x per day! Don’t post too much as you don’t want to annoy your followers but you want to gain their support and make them evangelist for you!!. Very important to follow up and respond to your followers comments!! Keep them engaged. People love attention and if they are taking the time to leave a comment on your page, then be responsive and in a timely manner.
  5. Promoted Post are a very inexpensive way to gain visibility on Facebook. Since Facebook limits the people that see your posts, you can promote your post for as little as $5 .

Hope that these tips help. Are there any tips that you would like to add that have been very successful to your Facebook campaign to grow your following?


5 Blogging Tips for 2013

Here are 5 Blogging tips to get you started for 2013:

 1. Make sure you change your copyright to 2013

When you start out this year the first thing to do is to change your copyright to 2013.  This protects you and your work for the year ahead so that nobody can copy your work.

 2. A picture is worth a thousand tweets

Yes it is true what they say, a picture is worth more.  So make sure you include interesting and relevant pictures in your blog.   If they are interesting they may just be picked up by the news media and shown in newspapers or even on Television and that is priceless.  They may even find their way onto social networks and before you know it you will be famous.

3. Make sure you have an editorial calendar for the year ahead

If you are serious about your blog then invest in an editorial calendar and schedule what you will be writing about for the year ahead.  Therefore you will have plenty to write about and not have to worry about what your next topic will be.

 4. Take a new look at your blog

What do I mean by that?  Well take a look at your blog.  Does it look tired or does it load slowly.  Are there too many meaningless items on it?  Well if there are then it is time to trim the fat.  Cut out all items that are too old or serve no benefit.  You will be left with a blog that loads fast and looks great.

5. What do you blog about?

It is important to find your niche.  So whether it is cars or movies or social media, find something you are passionate about.  Become the expert in that niche and soon people will be contacting you asking for help.

Also remember to share your blog on all the social media networks.

 Happy Blogging!

About Author

Fred Felton is a keynote speaker, social media consultant, author business analyst and website designer. Fred is also owner of Falcon’s Cove a digital media agency based in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa. You can also find Fred on Twitter and Facebook.