Top 5 Most Popular Pinterest Topics

Top 5 most popular pinterest topics

Pinterest is the hottest new trend in social media which begs the question— what is everyone looking at? While everyone creates their own set of “boards”, there tends to be themes that everyone can zero in on.

Some of the most popular categories are:

1. Recipes –Pinners tend to focus in on tried and true recipes where they can give honest reviews. I tend to see a lot of comfort food, desserts, and family friendly meals. These recipes can be great when pinners are looking for changes to their meals plans or unique treats. I for one have tried MANY of the ideas and received rave reviews at home. It’s like one big recipe swap!
2. Clothing-– need an idea of what to wear to work or a night out? Head to Pinterest. Pinners tend to be trend forward when pinning fashion ideas. Like what you see? Many pins have direct links to sites where the fashions can be purchased. Some of the best pins you will see are complete outfits, set out there for you to copy at home.
3. Holidays—Pinners love the holidays! This time of year Pinterest is filled with new ideas for Halloween and even Christmas. New decorations, new gifts, new party ideas…all you need to look like a professional interior decorator or party planner during the upcoming seasons.
4. Home Décor—Pinners love to dream. Dream wall colors, dream furniture, dream backyards, and full-fledged dream houses. If your house needs updating or you want ideas for a dream home, Pinterest is your guide. There are beautiful and amazing pictures of some of the most beautiful home décor out there. Dare to dream.
5. Kid Stuff—Pinterest is FULL of ideas for kid’s parties, activities, and family outings. Pinterest even has tons of general parenting advice. It’s like one big parenting idea pool.
While I tend to lean toward the recipe sections, I love seeing the huge mix of ideas that Pinners create—go check it out and find your favorite category!

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