5 Tips To Rise To The Top On Pinterest

Pinterest might be more important to your brand than you think!  More brands are recognizing the power and importance of a strong social media presence to convert to sales!!  Many major retailers are turning to Pinterest and not simply relying on Facebook. According to Sephora’s head of digital Julie Bornstein, Pinterest members spend 15 times more on the company’s products than Facebook fans.

Here are 5 EASY Tips that will help get your pins and boards noticed:

1. Create at least 24 Pinterest boards; which will give you 3 rows of board content. It may sound like a lot of boards, but once you get started, you will find it is easy to find topics.
2. Don’t just create content related to your business. Add some topical boards that will drive people to your boards such as celebrities, movies, food. Make them fun!
3. Make your images dynamic. Look for photos that are colorful and large. People are visual and you will get more likes, and repins of from those images.
4. Add fresh pins daily to your boards. You can look through the feed, do searches on Pinterest under key terms or find new content via google. The more you add, the more visibility you will gain.
5. Gain new Pinterest followers by liking pins that interest you and following others!! The more activity you create, the faster you will gain followers and visibility. (

Do you currently have a Pinterest account? Feel free to share a link to yours here as well as any tips you have found that have helped you convert your pins into sales!

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