5 Tips on Building Your Brand

Tips for brand building

What is your brand?

Sit down with a good cup of coffee and a notebook and pen and think very carefully about what your brand is.  Is it a big brand?  Is it a niche brand?  What does it look like?  Do you have an image or icon for your brand?  How do you dress?  Think about it.  What you wear reflects on your brand.  So maybe you want to have your own style that reflects your brand.

Look after your brand.

It’s all very good and well to set up a brand but now what.  Are you going to look after it?  Will you be monitoring your brand online?  If someone tweets at you or your brand are you going to reply to them and respond and help them out or put out any fires?

Build your brand.

When you have set up your brand look to build it up.  If you have one shop maybe you want two shops and then three.  Perhaps you want to increase your staff.  Look at building your social media profile as well.

Look after your time and resources.

Try not to waste your time. Once it is gone it is gone.  Look at your advertising and marketing.  See what is working and see what is not working.  If it’s not working cut it out of your budget. 

Think positive.

There will be times when your brand gets bashed, when it does keep thinking positive.  Remember what went wrong, learn from it and keep building your brand. 

Fred Felton is the author of 101 Tips for Twitter.

Fred Felton

Fred Felton is the Creative Director at Falconscove. A Media Agency. He is also a keynote speaker and author of the book '101 Tips For Twitter.' He is based in Durban, South Africa.

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