5 Tips for Twitter Engagement

5 tips for twitter engagement
Are you setting all of your Tweets on Autopilot?? If so, you MUST pay close attention to the following.
People are social beings. They like to share and connect with people. Most of all, they like to be  HEARD. So, if you all you are doing is tweeting inspirational quotes and auto tweets about your business, then you are missing out on the most important aspect of Social Media.

Social Media is not just an option anymore for your business, it is a very critical part of branding and gaining a presence. (Will touch on this in later posts) One thing that you MUST know is that conventional advertising is going to become obsolete and the key is ……. ENGAGEMENT and Word of Mouth!!

Twitter is a fast and effective way to get your message out and get people to connect with you!

Here are 5 Tips For Twitter Engagement:

1. Spend at least 30 minutes each morning and evening Tweeting to others LIVE.
2. Respond individually to people that reach out to you. LISTEN to what they are saying to you and respond!! Show that you hear THEM.
3. Look for people that you have not chatted with recently and reach out to a few new ones that interest you or are tweeting something that you would like to mention. Expand your circle of engagement!
4. Do not make a habit of just sending out group tweets with no message. I see this all the time and have a few followers that line up my “mention” area with a succession of names and no content. You must also add tweets that are valuable to your followers!! Socializing is a great part of it but also give them information that is worthy of mentioning!
5. Tweet with Enthusiasm and Passion- The tone and content of your tweets is what draws people to respond as well as retweet you!

Hope this helps and look forward to your Tweets! You can tweet me at @Dede_Watson .


  1. Totally agree with this! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Wow, Dede… your twitter advice is perfect and well-timed for me. I’ve been working very hard to make some new twitter friends, and I’ve been struggling a bit trying to find the right approach. Your “Five Tips for Twitter Engagement” really helped me understand “what” I need to do to take my online communications to that next level. For example, I’m going to try to make my tweets even more meaningful because I totally agree with you… tweets with no content are a waste. I’ve been looking for a very straight forward approach to working my twitter account on a daily basis, and you tips are spot on. As a result, I printed them out and pinned them up on my wall for ongoing reference. All the best!

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      Thanks Terry! It took me awhile to figure out how to get people to engage and listen to me. It is about what you can provide for THEM!! Content is the key. Fun to engage and have fun.. but at the end of the day it is about what you have to offer! You are doing fabulously!!

  3. Dede, You are part of the solution.
    This concept of being social on Twitter, instead of using it to blast an automated series of shotgun/blind advertisements at random people, is why I sign on every time. I discovered that I didn’t really know many people and that was hurting my ability to find the ones that share similar interests and/or can benefit from a relationship with me.
    I have held back on automating anything until the time comes when I have a need for that type of service. Right now I’m doing a “one-to-one, meet people and share ideas, follow those individuals who have an interesting profile and/or website linked to their Twitter accounts” strategy. I’m going for depth with my following (getting to know a few people well), as opposed to width (connecting to a lot of people I don’t know).
    It is my belief that humans can only have a genuine, deep relationship with a handful of people. We can have several acquaintances, but there is a limit to how many people you can actually know on any level. To try and keep up with 1,000s of followers is to simply reduce the amount of true benefit you can be to the few that you really are invested in. Those deeply personal relationships are the ones that actually count. There is nothing wrong with having 1000s of followers, mind you, it does give you a large pool to draw from and that is good. I’m just getting my feet wet and want to have a firm foundation on which to build my online social presence.

    • Dede Watson Dede Watson says:

      Hi Phillip
      You definitely have the right idea. Many in Social Media have lost the art of engagement and basically set themselves up on autopilot. Keep doing what you are doing and it will pay off for you. Best of luck and stay in touch:)

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