3 Ways to Stay Twitter Connected to The 2014 FIFA World Cup

How To Tweet Team Support for World Cup FIFA

Have you found yourself caught up in the excitement right now with the World Cup? Whether or not you are into soccer (or football), it is almost impossible to avoid the frenzy. With all of the games going on at varying times of the day, how does one keep tabs on everything? What is a fan to do?


Here are 3 ways to stay connected with the World Cup on Twitter:

1. Let the world know who you’re cheering forShow your team support by customizing your profile. 

Customizing your Twitter Profile for World Cup

The team at Twitter has made life easier for users by having images readily available to upload to their profiles.

2. Get in on the second screen action.

Trending World cup on Twitter

Watch your team in real time and follow along with #WorldCup hashtag.

3. Tweet About the World Cup.

Support your team on Twitter for Word Cup Fifahttps://twitter.com/i/start/world_cup/tweet

Don’t forget to include about the hashflags! Adding a hashtag with your country code will produce your country’s flag in your tweets.

Using hashflags on twitter for worldcup

Now, you can your show your support while tracking the results of other games.

“Put your flags up in the sky, and wave them side to side… ” ~We Are One (Ole Ola) [The Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Song]