Twitter Analytics Now Open To All Users

Twitter recently opened up their analytics to everyone, not just ad customers. What this means to you as a Twitter user is that you will now have some free metrics to gauge your performance on Twitter. You can locate the analytics area on the Twitter Ads Dashboard.


There are 2 areas that are available for those who do not wish to purchase “sponsored ads”.

1. Timeline Activity-


You can view your mentions, follows and unfollows for the month. You can also see your most recent tweets and more metrics that can be helpful for content curation  and promotions such as click throughs, replies and rts. Being able to see the time stamp of your tweets and the most popular ones will give you an edge in creating better content for your followers and show who is engaging with you when.




Being able to get an overview of the types of people who are following you as well as their demographics can be immensely important. It can help you evaluate if you are focusing enough on a specific industry or location.  Twitter’s new analytics provides us with a limited overview of your followers broken down into interests, gender and location.

A graph is provided to show your new follower count so that you can see the progression of your following which is updated weekly. Also, you can now download a CVS file with all of this data.  Especially helpful if you want to save your tweets to re-post later.

Have you used the new Twitter Analytics and how do you think it compares to other sites such as Sprout Social or Hootsuite?