Twitter Introduces Keyword Targeting In Timelines

This morning Twitter announced a new advertising feature for businesses. It allows advertisers to reach people who have tweeted specific keywords in their recent tweets . What does this mean for you?

If you are a business that sells golf equipment, your tweet can reach people that have an interest in golf or have recently tweeted about it. You can even more narrowly target your search with Geotargeting by city, state and country and gender which you can see here.



Not sure that keyword targeting will be incredibly effective yet as it has limitations. Twitter doesn’t really currently target habits, interests, age groups, etc as Facebook advertising  is able to do through your profile information and posts to integrate it into their advertising platform.

Have you used Twitter in an advertising campaign? Would love to hear your thoughts!

5 To Do Apps Worth Having

Here are 5 worth looking at:

Evernote –

  • The ability to save anything from webpages to clips to photos to sounds
  • Evernote syncs each device so you are always updated
  • You can also research and work with friends on projects
  • You can plan for events
  • You can remember important things to do, dates, times and more
  • Includes powerful search functions


Teamly –

  • Ability to download it from Google Chrome Web Store
  • Integrates with gmail or you can use it as an app
  • You can fill in  a daily to do list (I recommend 5 things)
  • Every day you get emailed a list of what your to do items were
  • Highly recommended.  Very simple and easy to use


Remember the Milk

  • As old as time this one
  • Available in just about every format on every device
  • Can also sync with gmail and integrate into it
  • A nice simple to do list
  • Also allows you to send to do reminders via Twitter DM just follow @rtm


Wunderlist -

  • If you are a design junkie then you will really appreciate the work that has gone into this to do list
  • Features beautiful clean design, wonderful backgrounds and fonts
  • Integrates with devices across all platforms and syncs from cloud storage


Do it  (Tomorrow) –

  • A wonderful little to do list which you can add to google chrome.  Very simple and beautiful to look at.
  • Superb design and sounds.  They think of everything.
  • The idea is to just put one or two things in it.
  • Aimed at people who love to procrastinate
  • Gives you the ability to just simply move things to Tomorrow.   Hence the name.


What is your favorite To Do App?

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