5 Easy Tips To Grow Your Facebook Following

Facebook can be very perplexing for a business owner with little advertising budget who wants to grow his  fan page. It takes much more time to build a following on Facebook than Twitter and Pinterest, however there are ways to gain a steady following if you implement a consistent strategy.

Here are 5 Tips You Can Easily Incorporate Into Your Daily Schedule

  1. Add photos to your page that you know will draw response. Every fan page has a different audience however, most people love photos of animals and inspirational quotes. Also, adding an open ended question to the post to draw in a response encourages engagement. You can allow your Fb fan page post to go directly to Twitter, which will create activity on Twitter and your Twitter followers will be able to access you back on Facebook.  Photos and videos are the most sharable posts!!!
  2. Make sure that you occasionally add tags to your photos. You don’t want  to overuse this feature because if people are continually tagged, you may lose their support. If you have lots of friends on Facebook, you can rotate the people you tag.
  3. Contest are an incredible  way to draw followers and attention to your page and company. Make them fun, add great photos and make one of the criteria for the contest that they both “like” your page and post as well as “share”  your contest.
  4. Consistency in posting. Make sure that you post 2- 3x per day! Don’t post too much as you don’t want to annoy your followers but you want to gain their support and make them evangelist for you!!. Very important to follow up and respond to your followers comments!! Keep them engaged. People love attention and if they are taking the time to leave a comment on your page, then be responsive and in a timely manner.
  5. Promoted Post are a very inexpensive way to gain visibility on Facebook. Since Facebook limits the people that see your posts, you can promote your post for as little as $5 .

Hope that these tips help. Are there any tips that you would like to add that have been very successful to your Facebook campaign to grow your following?