Why Smart Social Media Doesn’t Equate to Buying Twitter Followers

buying twiter followers? a strict no noThere seems to be a significant rise lately in the number of companies that are offering “guaranteed”  Twitter followers. Unfortunately, a quick rise to Twitterdom does not guarantee success! Doesn’t appear that way if you check out the ads and tweets you see everyday online.  Who wouldn’t want to “pay only $65 for 10,000 followers”? Sounds like this could propel you to a higher influence on Klout, Kred and in your particular area of expertise or does it?

Twitter is a social media platform that gives businesses and individuals the ability to develop a highly engaged audience. So, when buying followers, you lose the ability to connect with that segment of your base. Why is this?? Because these followers are not going to engage with you since they are not active on Twitter.  They only serve to pump up your numbers so that you appear as though you are popular or influential. Does this serve any long term goals you may have planned for your business?

For those who do not understand where these “paid for” followers come from, let’s explore this. A company creates 1,000’s of accounts and then distributes these followers to their clients who elect to “buy” their influence. Most of these accounts have very few followers and minimal to 0 tweets. So, if you suspect that someone is purchasing followers, those are key indicators.

Normally, there will be a cluster of suspicious followers visible on their profile. StatusPeopleFakersTool is a great tool to show you  you the percentage of inactive, real and fake followers! Thanks to Jim Dougherty  for sharing this!

Someone can go from 0 followers to 10,000 for under $100! It sounds extremely enticing and with the increasing competition among Social Media peers, it sometimes can be too alluring to ignore.  I have observed some of my well respected and influential peers fall victim to the pressure to represent themselves as true leaders with a large following.  The result however can be damaging to someone’s reputation and the reputation of the Social Media industry. Would you trust someone that you know is buying followers?

Without true engagement and relationships, the amount of followers you have basically no value. It is about being a leader, providing great content and showing that you are an expert in your niche that will draw people to you and provide you with the success you are seeking.

Using Infographics on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to search for recipes, ideas for the home and plan your holiday “wishlist.” For businesses that want to advertise their products, Pinterest can provide a very dynamic element that you really cannot get on Twitter and to some extent Facebook. That is the visual display of images and charts.

We know that people are visual and there is no better way to talk about your business than to showcase pictures of your products or services. Retailers are adding Pinterest to their marketing strategy. Pinterest  is now the 3rd top social media site behind Facebook and Twitter, which isn’t to shabby considering that no one had ever heard of them a little more than a year ago.

One way to make a larger splash on Pinterest as well as get people more excited about “repinning” your images is to post an infographic. With an infographic, you can also take a complex issue and make it easier to understand. Infographics are also more memorable.

I am now using them for my clients Pinterest accounts as well as my own. Here is an example of a simple one that I did for Daytime with Donna. I must admit that I am new to Infographics and by no means a web designer  but,  with Piktochartcom you don’t have to be.