Buffer or Crowdbooster to Manage Tweets?


There are a multitude of Twitter applications to manage your Tweets. The main two that I have been relying on are Buffer and Crowdbooster.  They are both widely used and I still utilize both.

Crowdbooster is a really interesting and resourceful site that tells you the best time to release your tweets and allows you the flexibility of arranging your tweets to the time you designate. It further tells you who and how many followers have retweeted your tweets. Being able to see who you are reaching will allow you to improve your metrics which is crucial if you want to gain a large presence on Twitter. The only downside that I have experienced so far is reliability with auto tweets. Sometimes, the tweets do not get sent and I  have not experienced this with Buffer. Crowdbooster allows you to add 3 accounts.  You can upgrade with Crowdbooster for $20 monthly and add up to 10 accounts.

Buffer allows you to set up 10 Tweets daily for free under one account. You can upgrade starting at $10 per month and manage up to 3 accounts and send 50 auto tweets daily. They are a bit more restrictive as you cannot set your tweets to a specific time nor do you have access to resources to evaluate your metrics. You can set up times during the day you want to tweet and they are automatically added in the order that you submit them. I have never had any problems with my tweets not going on target with Buffer.

There are other auto tweet applications and we will be discussing them in future posts.

What is your favorite Tweet Manager?