Are You Working Hard at Making Friends in All the Right Places?

There are so many Social Media sites out there today that it can set your head spinning and detract you from “focusing“.  Does this sound familiar? To name a few sites you might be acquainted with, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and now Google Plus, it is almost impossible to network effectively and really keep up with the big 4!. Then, there are all the secondary sites that we add ourselves to in hoping that the more visible you are, the more chances you have to be noticed and gain business.

I used to join not only free sites but also a few paid ones that I thought would help me in Social Media. I have decided that to really do my business justice as well as allow myself to have a real live “personal life, that I had to narrow it down to those sites  that gave me the most roi. Creating a profile on the Top 4 Social Media sites is a great way to gain visibility but can you work them all??

My feeling is that you have to select the top 2 or 3 that give you the most return and really focus in on them. What may work for one business may not necessarily give you the same results. Also, your perceived feelings about a particular site may affect the results that you receive.

Last year, I felt that Twitter was not going to really benefit and I was just on there sporadically. Now, I have new respect for Twitter and find that it has helped us gain so much more visibility as our  Twitter followers have skyrocketed from a measly 2500 earlier this year to over 16,000!

Twitter can also work very nicely with Facebook if you link the two up. I have the post that I make on Facebook show up on Twitter and the response has been great! So, Facebook and Twitter are the two primary Social Media sites that I use.

Over the next few months, really start evaluating which Social Media sites work best for you and start targeting them!
Does any of this sound familiar and what are the top 2 Social Media Sites that you use?